Our Top 4 Landing Page Templates (And Ways You Can Personalize Them)

Our Top  Landing Page Templates

Ever wonder how long it takes to create an optimized landing page? With Instapage it just takes three minutes. You see Instapage was built to simplify marketing. This is why our drag and drop builder lets you customize your pages in any way you like without having to write a single line of code. It’sContinue reading article >

Is BSO hurting your conversion rates? Here’s how to fix it.


With all the marketing tips on the internet, it’s easy to drown in advice and information. It can be tempting to implement a bunch of new ideas and changes all at once, but is that the most effective way to boost conversion rates? Probably not. This deadly conversion condition is known as BSO – andContinue reading article >

[Infographic] How To Get More Conversions with an MVP

how to increase conversions with an MVP

Savvy marketers understand the importance of landing pages. A landing page allows you to capture your lead’s information and gets them to take an action. You know you need to create landing pages for your promotions. But when it comes to the actual process of creating the pages… it’s a little less clear what youContinue reading article >

6 Tested Psychology Concepts Every Marketer Needs to Know

10 Tested Psychology Concepts Every Marketer Needs to Know

Manipulating, influencing, persuading – these are the kinds of words associated with marketing. The thing is that these words actually represent much more. They are psychology concepts, and that means when you’re creating an advertising campaign, what you’re really doing is tapping into the science running someone else’s subconscious. Basically, that makes you a superhero.Continue reading article >

3 Facebook Ads That Are Doing It Right (With Examples)


According to Facebook has a total of 1.44 billion monthly active users. That’s 1.44 billion opportunities for you to market your business and gather leads for your landing pages. It doesn’t matter whether your target audience is stay-at-home moms or CEOs. Chances are they log into their Facebook accounts daily. This is the primary reasonContinue reading article >

How To Launch with a Landing Page


How often have you had an idea and not known whether or not it was pursuing? Entrepreneurs and marketers alike tend to be idea people, but how do you know if the idea is actually good or not? What is the factor that determines whether or not you should build that product, offer that service,Continue reading article >

5 Simple Tips for Creating Insanely Good CTA Buttons


Your landing page has three main jobs: It should engage your visitors It should explain the benefits of your product/service It should get your visitors to convert into customers Your CTA button gets the third job done. The CTA button is arguably the most important element on your landing page because it is what decidesContinue reading article >

[video] Introducing Your New Integrations Dashboard


Living in the age of apps is great. You’ve got a tailor-made solution for every part of your business. The only problem is, that means you’re probably using a ton of different apps. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that since you’re an innovation-driven type, you probably sign up and testContinue reading article >

How To Rock Your Next Webinar With GoToWebinar and Instapage


Do you host webinars? No? You’re letting a huge marketing opportunity pass you by. Webinars are taking over the internet. This Google trends graph is all the proof you need. At Instapage, we know how important webinars are, not just for acquiring new customers but for keeping the ones we already have happy and satisfied.Continue reading article >

Message Match: How Confusion Will Kill Your PPC Campaign


Never underestimate how a person’s buying behavior can be influenced by their feelings. So always keep in mind how you’re making someone feel – whether you’re talking to them directly, or they’re reading your landing page copy. And one thing you never want to make your customer feel is confused, since confusion can lead toContinue reading article >

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