Unleash the optimization expert within yourself.

From simplified A/B testing to advanced custom goal tracking, we’ve got you covered.

A/B testing that anyone can use.

The Instapage A/B testing tool lets you track visitor behavior, compare conversion rate, and pick the best-performing landing page variations.

The A/B split testing feature lets you avoid the guesswork in landing page optimization. Save time and increase your marketing ROI today.

Measure the metrics that matter to you.


Button / image clicks

Determine whether the buttons or images on your landing pages are generating clicks.


Text link clicks

Find out which words the customers react to by tracking the number of clicks you get on the text links.


Form submissions

Track the number of email sign-ups you receive on each variation of your landing page.


External conversion tracking

Track goals even when your visitor lands on another page such as a “thank you” or “shopping cart” page.

Take action while it still matters.

React to your customers’ needs in real time and never miss an opportunity to increase your conversion rate again. The Instapage real-time analytics dashboard lets you compare the performance of every page you publish.

It’s the quickest way to identify the winning landing page for your marketing campaigns.

Build, pause, or delete variations at any time. Dedicate 100% of your marketing resources to the landing page variation that has the highest ROI.

Ready to make a landing page?