3 Landing Page Examples to Admire and Then Copy


Last week we did a roundup of landing page examples. We collected a couple of landing pages and analyzed their copy, highlighted the flaws and the high notes and then left it up to you to decide which one had won the copywriting battle. Today we’re going to be doing something similar, I have collected 3 landing page examples from all over, examples that I think are worth oohing and ahhing over, basically landing pages that you should look to when creating your own pages.
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The 2 Mandatory Steps for Creating Social Landing Pages that Boost Conversions


We are judgmental folk; we judge a book by its cover, a student by his grades, a marketer by his followers, a Chinese restaurant by the number of Chinese people eating at it and a blog post by the number of times its tweeted and liked on Facebook (hint hint).

And why are we so judgmental one might wonder, we are this way because we care a little too much of what other people think about us, about the things that we use in the present and the things that we might use in the future.

Social proof comes into play no matter who we are and what we do.
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Let’s Battle it out for the Best Copywriting in all the Land


Making choices is something you really can’t escape; because the little suckers follow you everywhere you go. Chose to have fun today, well, you have to make up for it by working twice as hard tomorrow. Chose to go with a six caret ring instead of twelve, you have to hear about that one for as long as you live. Chose your landing page copy to be serious and corporate, you can’t make it upbeat and friendly too.

The hardest thing about making these choices is that you really don’t know how your decision is going to turn out while you’re making it. And while some things are just no-brainers like going for the more expensive ring, things like deciding what kind of copy you put on your landing page is actually quite a head scratcher.
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6 Common Landing Page Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Roosters not being able to crow without extending their necks, your Aunt Edna forever butting into your personal life, hair growing all over your body, your conversions plummeting because you didn’t care to pay attention to your landing pages; these are all facts of life. Things that happen because they’re meant to- and while you can’t really do anything about the rooster or your ever growing annoying hair you can do something about your plummeting conversions.

Not make as many landing page mistakes.

Sadly, us making mistakes is another fact of life- correcting them however is a necessity. In a perfect world, every landing page that you create would be conversiontastic; every page would rake in heaps of conversions.
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The Only Landing Page Optimization Guide You’ll Ever Need

guide 123

It would be an understatement to say that landing page optimization is an often talked about subject, because the truth is landing page optimization is most definitely the most discussed topic after the famous “what is a landing page”.

I’m guilty of writing a lot about landing page optimization myself; 5 tips to do this, 10 principles of doing that to get this and on and on and on. And while I am by no means saying that LPO is not important I am merely pointing out the fact that there is a lot of information out there about this particular topic, information that’s scattered and diffused.
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4 Psychological Effects that Help you Increase Conversions


Ever heard of the mobile app Flappy Bird? Of course you have, I’m sure you’ve wasted a good portion of many days tapping away at your phone screen dreading the “thud” noise of your bird being hit by the pillars or the ground.

Tell me something though; what was so special about the game that made you spend so much of your time engrossed in it?

It wasn’t exactly something cutting edge, it had a very oldy Nintendo type feel to it. The game was simple and unbelievably frustrating- yet people across the globe went crazy playing it night and day. The game got downloaded 50 million times and amassed almost 16 million tweets.
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e-goi+ Instapage = Awesomeness


Here at Instapage we’re all about awesomeness and simplicity- our integration with e-goi is a step in that direction. E-goi is a multichannel marketing tool; it’s an online software that integrates email, SMS, voice, fax and social media in a single place, giving you an all in one tool for all your marketing endeavors. E-goi helps you cut down your marketing costs and maximize your ROI.

It is this awesomeness that gave way to the Instapage e-goi integration, an integration that’s going to allow you to automate your marketing and increase your overall marketing success.

What does this mean for Instapage users?

Well, I’m glad you asked.
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2 Easy Ways to Humanize Your Landing Pages That Will Increase Your Conversions


Do you remember watching Beauty and the Beast? How Belle is terrified and intimidated by the beast at first because of his… well beastly etiquette and then as time passes she realizes that he was once a human who’s now been put under a terrible spell, she warms up to him.

No, I’m not on a fantasy roll- even though I was all about the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus last week. What I’m trying to explain through the Beauty and the Beast example is that humans respond better to humans, we familiarize with them and hence are convinced by them- that’s just how we’re wired.
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The Ultimate A/B Testing Guide for Newbie Marketers


You know how sometimes your coach videotapes the practice sessions and then makes you watch them before a big game, you feel a little annoyed during the process because you’re like “Hello, I was there, I know how it went down, plus I’m amazing so of course there’s nothing I need to work on”. But, then, you see it, it might be 10 minutes into the tape or 25 but you do see it, your fumble; this could be in the form of a missed catch or a missed touchdown but it is there.

Why? Because we make mistakes- not everything we do on the first try is really as awesome as we think it is. Which is why it helps to look back and see everything again.
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The 4 Landing Page Myths You Believed…. Now Busted!


We exist in a world full of myths and fables; from Santa Claus all the way to the Tooth Fairy- we all believe in something that’s not actually true. The thing with most myths is, once you are “in on all the information” you eventually grow out of them.

The moment you realize no one man, no matter how jolly and merry he is actually has the capacity to distribute presents to children all over the world in one night, Santa Claus just becomes a Christmas mascot to you. And once you see the same ink blotted dollar replace your tooth as the one you saw in your mummy’s purse, you know exactly where the Tooth Fairy lives, in the next room.
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