4 Secret Techniques to Writing Impactful Landing Page Copy


Writing is an art.

The aforementioned sentence is formidable for every marketer who enjoyed Disney’s Lion King better than Shakespeare’s Hamlet, marketers who don’t have one literary bone in their body. Marketers who get jitters just thinking about writing something because they have this notion in their minds that writing is not everyone’s game.

While everyone may not be able to write plays like Shakespeare or rhyme stanzas like Alexander Pope, anyone can however write successful landing page copy all they need to know are the 4 secret techniques to doing so.

Before I indulge in these 4 effective yet simple landing page copywriting secrets you need to get one thing embedded in your mind, which is; writing is not just an art but a learnable science.
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One Announcement to Rule Them All – Meet the Instapage Link Manager

Every conversion starts with your visitor clicking on some aspect of your landing page. This is exactly why we spent the past few weeks working on this feature. For those of you doing lead generation we’ve found that by placing your form inside a pop up box it can lift your conversions by up to 35%.

The reason for this is obvious, getting your visitors to click on a button is easier than having them immediately fill out a form. Once they’ve clicked on the button and the pop up appears they’re already partially committed to finishing the funnel.
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The Landing Page Competition Runners-Up Are…


We did a round of the winning landing pages last week and now it’s time to shine some light on the runners-up. Yes, you’re standing a little low on the podium but your pages did make an impression, they made us take notice, so give yourself a pat on the back because we have a “Runner Up” badge for each and every one of you.

A small disclaimer before we begin, if I get a little too harsh during the analysis don’t take it to your heart because whatever I say I do to fast track your landing page on the road to becoming a POLP.

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The Results Are In: We’ve Crowned The Top 10 Landing Pages


How did you feel every time a new Harry Potter movie came out or the day the new Game of Thrones season started? Ecstatic? Over the moon? Thrilled? Well, the aforementioned emotions are exactly what our users must be feeling today because today is the day that we’ll announce the winner of the Instapage Landing Page Challenge and analyze the other top 9 candidates.

Go grab yourself a bowl of popcorn and sit comfortably on your couches as we begin the analysis process. A little disclaimer before we begin though, everything I say below comes from the deep crevices of my heart, which is a fancy way of saying that whatever I say comes from a good place so take it constructively and edit your pages accordingly.
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4 Elements to Include or Not to Include on your Landing Page


It was in 1601 that Shakespeare penned the illustrious line, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” And while Hamlet was questioning his whole existence and the loyalty of the women in his life, we marketer folk tend to pour ourselves over the question, “what to include or not include on our landing pages”.

Our question may not be as philosophical as Hamlet’s but the success of our landing page campaigns does depend on it. If you aren’t able to figure out what are all the right things that need to go on your landing page well then you risk losing- losing all of the time you spent on your page, all of the money that it took you to create the page and your conversions.
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The Forgotten Landing Page Element That’s Costing You Conversions


You’ve put together your landing page.

Spent time perfecting your CTA button getting both the copy and the design just right, you’ve spent precious time figuring out the compelling copy that goes under the effective headline and right alongside the perfectly sized non- invasive lead capture form.

You have what you think is the perfectly optimized landing page- a page that guarantees a high conversion rate. So, you publish and you wait.

And you wait and you wait and you wait some more, but the promised conversions never do come in.
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Calling All Landing Pages – We Want to Evaluate & Test Your Page for You


The Instapage team is on a mission.

A mission to simplify marketing- no more running to the IT guys for help, our software provides you with a solution to every problem that you might encounter while setting up your first landing page campaign, plus our blog helps you understand what goes into creating the perfect landing page.

It’s in this effort that I have frequently analyzed landing page examples on this blog, told you what I admire about them and what I think needs to change. But while this helps you shape up your landing pages, I felt as though there was still something missing from the mix.

Your landing pages!

That’s right.
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4 Hacks to Formulate an Engaging Landing Page Headline


Headlines are like first impressions.

You get one chance to impress and then game over.

If you aren’t able to sway your visitors by your headline, forget about converting them at all because if they aren’t captivated by your headline they won’t really bother going through the rest of the content; whether what you’ve created is a landing page, a blog post or a marketing manual.

Why are headlines so important you ask?

The headline being the first string of words which comes in front of your visitors is something they actually read, the same cannot be said for the body copy. The initial impression that forms in your visitor’s mind about your company and your service comes from your landing page headline.
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6 Simple Tips for Creating Effective Call-to-Action Buttons


What comes to mind when you hear the word Powerhouse- Whitney Houston? Football? Electricity? What about when you think along the line of landing pages- only one thing right? The CTA button. The call to action button packs within itself a whole world of conversion potential and power, it is literally what stands between your landing page being a success or a failure.

And while the power and potential of a CTA is quite straightforward, figuring out how to harness all its conversion potential can be quite confusing. Why? Because there’s a lot that goes into crafting an effective CTA- it helps to think of creating a CTA similar to finishing a complex jigsaw puzzle. If you want to finish it you need to align every little piece in the right position and angle.
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3 Conversion Killers Destroying Your Conversion Rates & What to do About Them


For the duration of this post I want you to keep playing Talking Heads’ psycho killer in the back of your mind. Why? Because we’re going to be talking about killers today, and with the right soundtrack playing it’ll just be more fun. Alright, fine, we won’t be talking about psycho killers per say but we are going to be discussing conversion killers that can transform you into a psychotic mess by dragging your conversion rates down in the dumps.
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