A Complete Guide on Color Psychology and its Impact on Landing Page Conversions


In ancient Egypt color was considered to be an important part of the substance and being of everything in life. Egyptians understood things and people through colors, everything green represented life and vegetation, everything black spelled out death and doom. No, we are not just about to embark on an adventure with Brandon Fraser out to find some hidden Egyptian treasure with an ugly mummy chasing us all the way.

What this little nugget of history was supposed to do was to inform you that colors aren’t decided arbitrarily, there’s an aim and purpose behind every color selection, why do you think brides want to wear white and have something blue on their weddings or why people seem to think that blondes have all the fun.
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How to Put an End to Content Marketing Pollution

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Content has been king since the start of marketing. It didn’t matter what you had to sell, content was the voice you needed to reach out to your customers. And as soon as all the Toms, Dicks and Harrys came to know of this fact they started churning out content to help land their customers.

Everyone who was anyone was producing content, and everyone out there had something to say. No matter how incoherent they were, everyone deemed themselves a writer and just started producing content. This really wouldn’t have been such an issue if what everybody was saying was of use to someone other than themselves.

But, it was an issue.
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Do You Have a Kinky Landing Page? A Showcase of 7 Outstanding Landing Pages

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Human kind has come a long way, from hunting with spears and living in caves to the moon and the whole way back. We’ve accomplished truly magnificent feats like discovering radium and inventing Google Glass. And where no one can deny that man has done a lot for himself, one also has to admit to one thing; whatever we do or make is never perfect the first time around.

Hundreds of cavemen must have died from animal attacks and hunger before the spear was invented, some people even today doubt the moon landing. I am not trying to poke holes in anyone’s accomplishments over here, what I am doing is simply suggesting that human error is a reality.
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The Top 10 Content Marketing Mistakes That You’re Making & How to Fix Them?


There’s a lot of hullabaloo going on over content marketing these days, everywhere you look someone has something to say about it. What to do and how to do it, blogs and websites are full of content marketing 101 lessons and marketers everywhere are just soaking up every word of every post that they find when they enter the two magic words into Google.

Maybe that’s how you came about this post too, you typed in content marketing and rode on top of Google’s cyber magic carpet.

However, not everything you read on the internet is true, it’s a pity but even today a lot of the material that you find on the web is there to serve a company purpose and not really impart any useful information.
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The Content Paradigm has Shifted, Has your Content Strategy followed Suit?


We live in a constantly changing world, and the rules around here dictate that if you don’t get with the program you’re left out of it.

Either change with everybody else, or else!

This “or else” is what everyone fears, especially us marketers because it is this tiny two letter phrase that takes us away from our audiences, takes us far away from them to a dark place where there are no green pastures, no sales and no conversions.

The marketing world is no different, there are changes happening in it every hour of every day. As soon as a new technology or a new trend springs up, it spreads like wildfire consuming everything in its wake.

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How to Celebrate April Fool’s Day Without Being Foolish on Your Landing Pages


It’s that day of the year again, the day that gives us permission to make others feel like fools, whether that’s through practical jokes, telephone pranks or the old faking your own death play (FYI, never funny!).

Even if you do something especially irrational on the first of April, chances are you will be forgiven. But, every day isn’t the first day of April and your customers are never as forgiving as your family and friends. So, if you are being foolish on your landing pages, chances are they’re going to call you on it, and move onto someone else.

Just knowing what landing pages are doesn’t make you an expert

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Want to Influence Audiences? Learn how to Build Persuasive Landing Pages


Let’s journey back, to a time where there were balls, courtesies and horse drawn carriages- to a time where the written word had paramount importance.

Why? Because, scarcity tends to have that effect!

When you had to wait for a postman to deliver majority of everything you could read, one tended to take the written word as being sacred. Reading the same article over and over again, getting lost in each and every word because you really didn’t know when the next piece of news would come your way.

The same could be said for advertisements. Don’t believe me? Look at this ad from 1916 as an example.

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How to Supercharge Your Landing Pages with the Power of Social Proof

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Power is a tricky concept. When you have it you’re on top of the world and when you’re without it you’re nothing but a menial cog in someone else’s machine. And because I can’t really stand you being a lowly and tedious cog, I’m dedicating this post to a concept of power that’s very relevant in a marketer’s life- the power of social proof.

Social proof is essentially a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others as a way of reflecting correct behavior in a particular situation.
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Pop-Up Ads: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


We’re going to be talking about evolution today, no not the whole monkey to man thing, sorry Mr. Darwin. An evolution of a different species, a species that you no doubt have encountered, because it preys on innocent folk just like you- people who arrive at landing pages to get some information or to buy something and it just pounces on you.

Because it’s no venomous snake, you do escape easily but it still annoys you, unhinges you from the task at hand and generally leaves you feeling icky.

I’m talking about pop-ups and what we’re going to be delving in today is a bit of a history lesson about this particular marketing tactic that has certainly evolved overtime.

Let’s start with the ugly.
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