This landing page example breaks all the rules (and still wins)


I love a good anti-hero. Somebody who breaks the rules and brandishes non-conformity like a weapon. From Tyler Durden to Deadpool, anti-heroes show us how being different can be a very good thing.

Not every brand can (or should) try and pull off the anti-hero stance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two from a brand that is. We just found the anti-hero of all landing pages. It breaks a ton of rules, and it still manages to accomplish more than most landing pages ever do.


Who is it? Shockingly, Amazon.
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Content Marketer’s Guide to Landing Page Optimization


Whether you call yourself a content marketer, a copywriter, community manager, social media specialist, whatever, you’re responsible for creating content that gets people to come back and make a purchase.

You’re constantly thinking about how you can rewrite, repurpose, and reiterate the content you’re so carefully crafting to do double duty. You have to discover what is resonating, and how can you take that, expand on it, and get better results.

And now, you’ve been given the task of writing and optimizing a landing page. The pressure is on, because you’re used to creating content that is generally part of your company’s long-game strategy. Now you’re navigating lead generation.
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4 A/B tests that increased Instapage signups by 34.1% (Case Study)


If you want to measure the success or failure of your landing page, what do you do?

You A/B test it.

A/B testing is the glue that holds all your CRO practices together because it gives you data-driven answers to your conversion problems.

And we love data, in fact, Instapage built its Saas Empire on two things; hard data and your feedback. It is why we decided to do an Instapage A/B test case study today.

Yes, we’re letting you take another peek behind the curtain.

Picking a landing page for the A/B test case study

At any given time, Instapage has around 30 live landing page campaigns, we create landing pages for webinars, feature announcements, PPC, support demos, Adwords, basically everything.
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How To Write A Welcome Email Your Readers Will Love Reading


So, you’ve created an awesome landing page and enticed your clients/members to sign up. What’s next? Naturally, your next step is creating an equally awesome welcome email to (1) thank them for becoming part of the family and (2) impart some valuable info.

Qualities of a Great Welcome Email

A welcome is defined as “a kindly greeting or reception, as to one whose arrival gives pleasure.” It might seem difficult to apply this definition to the virtual world.
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Inside Instapage: How We Design Templates To Drive Conversions


Instapage was built to simplify marketing.

That’s why our drag and drop landing page builder lets you customize your pages in any way you like without having to write a single line of code. It’s also why we made it easy to A/B test your landing pages. And finally, (now, here comes the biggie) it’s why we created 160 optimized landing page templates just for you.

Yep. We really do have 160 landing page templates you can choose from: 89 that come free with your Instapage account and 71 available on Themeforest.

We understand where you’re coming from. Chances are good that you’re a marketer who is tired of running to your IT guys for help every time you need a new landing page.
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How to design a beautiful landing page when you’re not a designer


So you’re a marketer and your main skill set is in sales or sales writing or social media. Basically, you’re good at a lot of things involving people and getting them to buy things. Great!

So how’s your design skill set?


I get it. You’ve got a laundry list of skills to pick up at some point, and learning design is probably on it, especially since not being able to design your own materials often leaves you at the mercy of your designer’s packed schedule.

So when it comes to getting yet another landing page out the door when you’re on a deadline, what do you do?

Probably something like what I did when I was put in this position. Have a minor panic attack.
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How to Remove Friction From Your Landing Pages (With Examples)

landing page friction

Friction is a silent conversion killer.

It frustrates your landing page visitors, damages your conversions, and eventually, cuts a big fat hole in your ROI.

If there’s friction on your landing page, the time you spent creating your masterpiece becomes irrelevant, because your customers don’t give your page a second glance, let alone click on your CTA button.

So, what exactly is friction?

Friction is any element on your landing page that causes your customers to resist clicking on the CTA button.

This resistance could be caused by any or all the elements on your page, which is why friction is a silent conversion killer. Marketers know their conversion rates are sinking, but they can’t put a finger on the culprit.
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What is a Promotion?


In my past life, I used to work promotions. You know those girls in bikinis you see at tech events who are supposed to drag you to a booth to look at whatever company’s stuff they are hawking, and you do it because girl in bikini?

Yeah. That was me. (Sorry for convincing you to buy that thing you probably didn’t need.)

For a while, I did a lot of work in promotional marketing, showing up to events, passing out free product and samples, and helping companies try and gain market share with whatever product they were launching.

Obviously, the “girl in bikini” tactic is effective for getting someone to accept a free sample, but there’s an underlying (and incorrect) strategy behind the tactic that all promotional marketing is based off of.
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