34 Checklist Items to Give Your Landing Pages Super Powers

  1. Reed Hastings started Netflix after incurring a $40 late fee on Apollo 13’s VHS copy.
  2. Google’s founders were willing to sell to Excite in 1999 for under $1 million, but didn’t do so because Excite turned them down.
  3. Creating an optimized landing page is tricky.

What did you just read?

You read facts- Nuggets of truth that make a big impact on your marketing campaigns. While the first two are meant to serve as inspiration for your marketing efforts, it’s the last fact that’s actually going to affect your bottom line; your conversions. Keeping the last fact in mind is what’s going to make or break your landing page.

It’s true, creating landing pages is tiresome.
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Don’t Forget to Include Buyer Personas In Your Quest For Landing Page Conversions


“But, he’s not like that dad.”

I remember this sentence being a part of almost every dinner conversation I had as a kid. My dad would urge me to stand up to a bully who was bothering me because he thought all bullies backed off when you got in their face. And I used to insist that my bully, the 200 pound kid with the vilest sneer I had ever seen was definitely not like one of those backing off kinds. But he made me do it and guess what, I was right.

Why am I telling you the story of the day I got my first black eye?

To explain to you that people are different. Their hopes and dreams are different, their decision-making capabilities and actions are different.

Understanding this fact is you taking your first step toward conversions.
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Do You Know What It Takes To Make The Perfect Landing Page?

landing page


Something we all want but can’t always have.


Because most of the landing pages that you create suck. Yes, they suck all of your campaigns dry of conversions.

Conversions that your pages might have gotten if it wasn’t for the fact that your pages didn’t actually look like landing pages at all.

Just slapping on a headline and a CTA don’t a landing page make. And it’s about time that marketers came to terms with this fact- it’s 2015 for crying out loud.

It’s the year for no more crappy landing pages. No more missing testimonials, bland CTAs and unoptimized lead capture forms, just say no to irrelevant graphics and to auto-playing videos. Every element on every landing page needs to be optimized and placed in just the right location.
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Announcing the Winner of Instapage’s Landing Page Evaluations Round #2


The time to cheer and celebrate is finally here.

No, I’m not talking about the New Years’ celebrations- I am talking about something that you’re going to find even more exciting than that, something that’s going to bring you conversions.

Yes, conversions.

This year Instapage is going to bring ten lucky Instapage users a free landing page evaluation, plus, one of you will get the best gift of all- a free unlimited Instapage account for life.

Let’s see whose landing page has made the cut.

The Winner: PocketSavor

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Think You Know Everything About Content Marketing? Let’s Find Out!


The year 2014 was the year of content marketing- no matter which marketing blog you were subscribed to, your feed was filled with articles, ebooks, gifs even quips about content marketing. And though we were all bombarded with knowledge all through the year, many marketers still believe that content marketing simply involves writing a blog post and sharing it on social media.

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Want to Get Your Hands On a Highly Coveted Landing Page Optimization Secret?


Every family has that one special treat, something that’s prepared for the entire family on special occasions be it Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or Saint Patrick’s Day. This could be a casserole, a chicken roast, a noodle soup, a shepherd’s pie or even a Turducken- a meal that tastes different when it’s prepared at your place.


Because your nana or your bubbe or your babcia mixes in an ingredient that gives it that special taste.

The secret ingredient if you will.

This secret ingredient becomes one of the most treasured possessions of the family, everybody knows its importance, but they can only guess what it is, and almost everybody guesses that it is something totally extraordinary.
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Get Your Page Evaluated for Free & Win a Lifetime Unlimited Account!


A couple of weeks back we included you folks in our Instapage mission- a mission of simplifying marketing for every single marketer out there. We asked you guys to submit the best landing page you had created with Instapage and we promised to analyze your pages for you free of cost.

For everyone who’s coming across this news for the first time. Yes, that’s right- free of cost.

Guess how that experiment turned out?

Yes – it was truly spectacular. We got an overwhelming response from you and received several landing pages that we are genuinely proud of.
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Want to Increase Conversions? Make Use of Instant Satisfaction on Your Landing Pages


Let’s play a little round of “would you rather”.

Would you rather go out to dinner after working 9 straight hours or get food delivered?

Would you rather go rummaging for the flyer from your favorite Chinese restaurant or look up the number online?

Would you rather spend time waiting for someone to answer the phone so that you can describe what you want to eat or use your online food delivery app?

How many of you went for the latter option each time?

Unless you’re really craving some human contact I’m sure the second option was the right one for you.

Why do you think that is?

The answer is simple- we live in a world of instant gratification. We want things, lots of things and we want them to get to us like yesterday.
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Anxious Visitors Don’t Convert – 4 Brilliant Ways to Create Anxiety Free Landing Pages


There are some things that all of us have in common.

We eat ice cream when we’re upset. Sing when we’re happy. Cry when we cut onions and change our attitude when we’re anxious.

And it is because we as marketers strive to predict and somewhat control user behavior that we tend see an anxious visitor as a bearer of bad news as we know we’ve missed our chance at getting a conversion with them.

Why? Because, anxiety is known to make it extremely hard to control habits and behavioral desires- when anxiety hits it completely changes actions. When your visitor changes behavior you can no longer predict what action he will take and hence you lose half your conversion battle then and there.
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To Popup or not to Popup? The Evolution of Popup Ads

pop up

Most of us don’t fancy the word popup because it makes us think of things we don’t particularly like- for instance the Tuesday morning that your condescending mother in law decided to popup in your home and disrupt your life or the ghastly red message that started flashing as soon as you decided to exit a website.

You might need a therapist to get to the bottom of the issues that you’re having with your mother in law but as far as the flashy red message is concerned I’m your guy. Today we’ll be talking about popup ads- the infamous villains of the marketing world- we’re going to be looking at a completely new side of popups though- a side that is going to repair your estranged relationship with them as a marketer.
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