How To Get Your Customers To Write Your Landing Page Copy For You

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Copy is the lifeline of your landing page. And crafting immaculate landing page copy is hard.

You can spend hours of time and buckets of money designing the perfect landing page, but if your headline isn’t attention-grabbing and your copy doesn’t immediately help a user decide if you are going to solve their problem, you shouldn’t have bothered creating a landing page at all.

Great landing page copy must be relevant, specific, and make a visitor curious enough to convert into a customer.

Coming up with copy is hard work. It’s even harder when words don’t come to you naturally. Fortunately, there’s a way that allows you to write copy that converts without actually writing it yourself.
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The Only 14 Writing Tips You’ll Ever Need From Top Marketing Pros


In a world where a tweet can destroy a reputation in just a few hours, you’d think marketers would invest more time developing proper writing skills.

Your writing chops are one of your single most valuable skills as a marketer, and yet they are often neglected in the name of shiny new tactics and tech toys. Don’t be ignorant. No tool will ever take the place of finding the right words to truly speak to your audience, and you’ll never find the right words until you master the art of storytelling.

Master marketers are master storytellers. Not so sure? These brands have interlaced story throughout every product and every piece of advertising they put out.

Nike’s emblematic “Just do it” is a story unto itself.

TOMS is a story about giving back while you shop.
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6 Reasons Why Image Sliders Are Bad For Conversions (And What To Use Instead)


What do an image slider, a flashing popup ad, and an auto-play video have in common?

They just need to die.

It might sound harsh, but the effect these fads are having on your conversion rates is more so.

Just like flashing popup ads becoming a feature you only see on disreputable sites, the image slider is ready to go to the internet marketing graveyard.

Before we discuss why image sliders cost you conversions, let’s talk about why marketers started using them in the first place. How did image sliders become so popular?

The 2 Ignorant Reasons Marketers Use Image Sliders

1. Marketers put image sliders on their pages because they give them a chance to feature multiple offers at the same time.

And this is a serious problem.
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Import Existing Templates Into Instapage in Less Than 2 Minutes


How can we help you lower the cost of customer acquisition? It’s the question at the center of everything Instapage does, and it’s why we’re so focused on creating the easiest way yet to cut out the middlemen between you and your next landing page.

That’s why since early 2014, we knew we had to build the one feature that has been requested over and over again. We’re thrilled to announce it’s finally here.

Introducing the Instapage Template Importer

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3 Modes of Persuasion That Make Your Business Unforgettable


Like it or not, you’re in the business of persuading others to give you what you want. Whether you’re trying to convince someone to hire you or attempting to get your husband to make dinner, life is all about the ask.

Amanda Palmer’s fantastic new book, The Art of Asking, is a great primer for how to start making the asks that can change the course of your life. It is a recommended read, but as I was going through it, I couldn’t help but wonder about the fundamentals of persuasion that made making the ask successful or not.
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How To Design Your Pricing Page For Maximum Conversions (With Examples)


When thinking about optimization, most marketers don’t consider their pricing page as an issue.

To most marketers, the pricing page is the page a visitor comes to at the end of the decision-making process. When they arrive, they are already convinced to buy.

This false assumption is why the pricing page is often neglected in comparison to home pages or landing pages. The reality is even a convinced customer can exit if the pricing strategy isn’t thought out and the design of the page sucks.

Setting up a pricing page is crucial to getting conversions. This includes both the design of the page and the strategy.

In this post, we will go over best practices for creating a pricing page that your visitors don’t see as an obstacle but as an opportunity.
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5 Landing Page Trends Worth Following in 2015 (With Examples)


The concepts that produce a great landing page are always changing. Consumers get used to old tactics, new data is uncovered in the search for the highest conversion rate, and frankly, changing your button color is just the beginning of optimizing your landing page.

The fact is more marketers than ever will be creating landing pages in 2015, which means yours has to stand out to stand a chance.

A whopping 1,100 landing pages are designed with Instapage alone every single day - and this number keeps going up.

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The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Real Estate Landing Pages


If you’ve considered buying a home, chances are you’ve looked online to see what was available. And if you’ve looked online, you’ve had to suffer through some god-awful real estate websites.

Oh. That awful website is yours? Then we need to have a talk.

Don’t get me wrong – I know real estate professionals have it rough. It’s not easy doing what you do in a competitive field, especially when you’re getting started. You know having a website gives you an advantage, but you don’t have time to learn how to do it all yourself. So you went with a free website generator, slapped it up on the web, and never touched it again.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and real love isn’t easy. Real love means telling someone you care about when they are doing something that’s hurting them.
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Content Marketing is Dead. Long Live Interactive Content Marketing!


I hate to tell you this, but you know that laundry list of marketing activities you have that makes you feel like you’re doing something?

It’s irrelevant. Your customers don’t care.

You should know by now that your customers don’t want to be advertised to. And when they see you pump out yet another blog post that’s nothing more a thinly veiled sales pitch, they feel cheated for wasting attention on you.

Your audience isn’t stupid. They know you’re just trying to sell them something.

Let’s put this another way.

There is a brand new bakery in the small town I live in. Bakeries have been trying to make a go of it in this town for years, and all of them end up failing. But Michelle Honeman of the newly opened Sugar Momma’s Bake Shop won’t be short of business anytime soon.
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Do Free Trials Work? The Surprising Psychology Behind Incredible SaaS Landing Pages


What do you when someone gives you a present?

If you’re like most people, you thank your friend, and then start thinking, “Hmm, what could I give them in return?”

It’s a typical response but have you ever wondered why? It turns out the answer is instinct.

Human psychology dictates that we reward kind actions. When someone is kind to you, you tend to be kinder to them. When you offer something to someone, there’s a higher possibility they’ll offer something back in return.

What has this got to do with getting signups for your SAAS landing pages?


Imagine this scenario with me.

You own a SAAS company.
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