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A picture might be worth a thousand words; however, pictures are not the newest thing on the block anymore.

Videos are IN, whether you’re considering putting them on your website, Landing Page, or your little cousin Tommy’s birthday cake. (no, that one doesn’t happen yet – hopefully soon.)

What is a Video Landing Page?

Before we get all into how great videos are and why you should use them, let’s first just see what a Video Landing Page is.

A Video Landing Page is basically like any other Landing Page, the only difference between them is an obvious one;

A Video Landing Page has video on it in place of lines of copy; the page is more interactive which is why visitors respond to it differently. Moreover, with a Video Landing Page visitors don’t have to make the effort to read the copy, which improves the chances of them clicking on your Call to Action button.

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The trust element for your brand also heightens when you feature in your Video Landing Page yourself.

Why Opt for a Video Landing Page?

If the reasons that I’ve mentioned above aren’t enough to convince you to opt for a Video Landing Page, granted it’s a little strange, but still I’m going to give you some more reasons.

The first is the fact that visitors nowadays are always on the lookout for the easiest option; they would rather watch a video than read lines of text.

Moreover, visitors spend much more time on a Video Landing Page than they do on a text landing page, so basically with video you improve your chances of getting conversions.

A Video Landing Page is also much more engaging than a text landing page.

Building a Video Landing Page with InstaPage

Most marketers believe that a Video Landing Page is much more difficult to build and publish when compared to a text landing page, where this might be true in some cases, with InstaPage everything changes, and for the better too!

Using InstaPage to build your Video Landing Page will come naturally to you.


Simply because building, publishing and optimizing landing pages with InstaPage is just that simple; even Video Landing Pages.

All you need to do is sign up with InstaPage and then access InstaPage’s Landing Page Builder which is painfully easy to use; all that’s required of you is to drag and drop your landing page elements into place and viola you’re done within minutes of getting started!

Tell me honestly; would you rather watch a video or read words all bunched up together?


This is why Video Landing Pages are digested well by visitors and this is why you should opt to build one; and what better way to do so than with InstaPage!

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