Making Landing Pages Work is Nothing but a Balancing Act

elephant balancing

Maybe it’s because the Olympics are around the corner, or maybe I’m suffering from the aftereffects of my slightly weird dream.

But, today I looked at Landing Pages from an entirely different point of view, angle, if you may.

I’ve said so myself many a times that designing Landing Pages is not a science but an art, you don’t have one magical formula that can put everything into place.

It’s Time to Put Some Powder on Those Hands

What does a gymnast do on a balance beam? She tries to rotate, turn and twist to keep up balance in between herself and the beam, so as not to fall and if she maintains that balance she gets a big round of applause and a shot at the gold medal.

Well, you and your Landing Page are exactly like that gymnast and her balance beam and to succeed you need to master your balancing act.

Mentioned below are the 3 balancing acts that you need to take care of while designing your Landing Pages.

1. Maintain Balance in Between Your Offer and Your Contact Form

You just don’t get any visitors on your Landing Pages today, but, cautious visitors, people who aren’t willing to give up their personal information for just any Tom, Dick and Harry who asks for it.

Which is why, you need to keep a balance in between your offer and your Lead Capture Form. Your visitors wouldn’t really be enthusiastic, *scratch that* willing to give away their bank account info in exchange for a complimentary White Paper or eBook, so why bother asking them?!

Analyze your offer and design your Form accordingly.

2. Create Balance in Between The Elements of Your Landing Page

All the 5 elements of your Landing Page should complement one another perfectly, to work well as a single unit. So, if you have a witty headline, your copy should keep up the same balance and have some zing in it.

If you’re going all out with the corporate approach, don’t be all business with the words and stick a picture of a monkey on your Landing Page, because that’s just wrong!

The graphic that you put up on your Landing Page should add in well with the overall
theme of the page and not stick out like a sore thumb!

3. Balance Your Social Media Campaigns With Your Landing Page

Landing Pages and social media campaigns go hand in hand, however your social media widgets should be placed on your Landing Page to enhance sharing and not to pose as a distraction for your visitors.

Yes, go all out with social media widgets, however, make sure that these serve their intended purpose.

Don’t want you and your Landing Pages to fall on the ground? Well, then master these 3 balancing acts!

Ready to make a landing page?