3 Landing Page Copy Mistakes to Avoid

landing page betrayal

Is Your Landing Page Copy Betraying You?

With ancient Rome as the backdrop, yesterday we talked about the 4 things that should NOT be a part of your Landing Page Design, because if they are, you get a knife in the back just like poor Caesar.

As promised, today it’s time to talk about your Landing Page copy and how it could sabotage your conversions if you aren’t careful.

Getting Your Landing Page Copy Right is Crucial

For any Landing Page, the copy is one of the most important elements. Getting this step done just right is crucial, which is why under no circumstances do you mess with the copy! Even if you have a bright and shiny video on your Landing Page, you still need your copy to briefly explain to the visitors what your product or service is all about. It’s because of the copy that marketers are able to tell their visitors their unique selling point; things that let them have an edge over their competition.

Imagine if your Landing Page was a person, yes, an actual person, the overall layout of your Landing Page would be the person’s outer appearance aka their physique, whereas the copy would be his inside, the part that psychologists, inspirational writers and our parents have been repeatedly telling us, counts the most! By saying this, I am not robbing away any attention from the rest of the Landing Page Design elements, they’re very important for their job too, which is reeling the right people in! Your Landing Page Design needs to have a six pack to attract the right crowd and not a beer gut, unless of course you’re selling clothes that accommodate a beer gut!

Now that we have established that your Landing Page copy is in fact very important to the success of your Landing Page, you need to be aware of the 3 things that it could do to ruin your conversions.

1. Your Page Copy Isn’t Telling Your Visitors what they need to Know

So, you got a visitor on your Landing Page? Awesome! However, if it’s just because of your alluring page layout and your copy sucks, prepare yourself, because he’s not going to be staying on for long. Why? Because your copy didn’t give your visitor what he came on your Landing Page looking for; which is a clear description of what your product or service is all about.

Your copy needs to be both clear and concise for it to not only get your message across but also make an impression on your visitors. It should clearly relay to your visitors what your service is about, how they’re going to get it and why they should do so.

2. Your Landing Page Copy is Just Me, Me, Me

Boasting about your company on your Landing Page is the worst thing you could do to your conversions. Visitors don’t want to hear how great your company is, what they want to know about is what greatness you can do for them! Don’t make your Landing Page about you, make it about your visitors. The 2 words that should remain far away from your Landing Page Copy are our and we.

3. Your Landing Page Copy Tells Lies

landing page copy lies

Don’t let your Landing Page suffer the same fate Pinocchio and his poor lie sensitive nose did! Your Landing Page copy should never make your company out to be something that it’s not and should never promise your visitors something that you cannot deliver. Because if you do lie, it won’t take your visitors long to figure it out and then your reputation is out the window and you can forget about getting any conversions at all!

Lying on your Landing Page wouldn’t make your nose grow long but it will surely make you lose all your customers; past, present and future!

Landing Page Copy is important for you all; if you get it right you get it all, if you get it wrong you’re bound to fall! Did I just rhyme?

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